Theatrical Seat Campaign

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

This month, The Park Theatre launches its Theatrical Seat Campaign to complete the acquisition of theatre seats for the historic William David Eppes Auditorium. The seating – upholstered and comfortable – is set up stadium-style so that every seat has a clear, unobstructed view to the … Continue reading

The Park Theatre 2018 – and just about ready to build!

Since 2005, trustees have secured $6,146,545 of the projected $6,702,390 total project cost—from the acquisition, care and stewardship, hazardous materials removal, demolition, design —and construction. The financial support has come from grants ($2,137,980) awarded by 36 foundations, from New Hampshire’s Community Development Financing Authority Tax Credit Program ($840,000 … Continue reading

Timken gives theater $50K

Wednesday, April 22, 2015  – On March 19, the Trustees of the Timken Foundation of Canton awarded $50,000 to The Park Theatre for the rebuilding of its facility in Jaffrey. “We are convinced that the reopened Park Theatre — along with the diverse cultural and entertainment programs it plans to … Continue reading