Groundbreaking Plan For Park Theatre Emerges

Hutter Construction coordinating sub-contractors for December start.

JAFFREY, New Hampshire (November 2, 2017) As construction nears, The Park
Theatre reported today that finishing touches are being put on groundbreaking as
soon as possible for the new 485-seat performing arts facility in downtown Jaffrey.
Originally built in 1922, the re-imagined and rebuilt-from-the ground-up Park
Theatre will present live theatrical performances, children’s programs, concerts,
and films. The dream of the community is becoming reality for the thousands of
fans and supporters of the Theatre.

Since June of this year, and the fulfillment of municipal codes, the project raised
over $800,000 for construction and has just received an anonymous $25,000
challenge match to raise the final funds required to start construction. The Town
issued the project its building permit last week. The construction management
team at Hutter Construction Corporation is coordinating schedules with its
subcontractors to begin work as soon as possible. “As we pull all these final pieces
together, it’s looking more and more like we’ll actually start sometime between
Thanksgiving and Hanukkah,” noted Caroline Hollister, chair of the Board of

Funds to develop and construct the new Theatre have been donated by thousands
of individuals and institutions. The major portion of the construction costs is
provided by USDA’s Rural Development Office’s $2,000,000 low-interest, longterm
loan which will be financed through the Savings Bank of Walpole. Additional
construction funds are being provided by 38 area businesses through their
donations to New Hampshire’s Community Development Finance Authority Tax
Credit program. A portion of those business donations through CDFA’s tax credit
program funded the 2013 demolition of the original theater building and
preparation of the site for construction. The remediation of hazardous materials
buried on site and throughout the original building was made possible by a grant
from Southwest Region Planning Commission and the generosity of many The
Park Theatre donors.

“Pending final materials and contractor costs, we are down to our last $50,000 to
finally get the work underway,” said Steve Jackson, CEO and Managing Director
of the Theatre. “Anyone who’d like to donate that amount will be the first one to
put that golden shovel in the ground!” he added. “We believe that this special
donation of what are, truly, the final funds needed to start, deserves a unique
recognition. The shovel is symbolic of starting something new, sowing seeds of
great things to come… to help grow our community.”

Trustees are planning to acknowledge the individual, business or foundation that
may step forward to contribute one gift of $50,000 by giving that donor the
opportunity to put the actual first shovel in the ground for the Monadnock’s
Region’s first community based performing arts center to be built in over 80 years.
The photograph of the donor making “the first dig” at the construction site with a
golden commemorative shovel will be made available to the press. Additionally,
that same photo and shovel, along with an engraved plaque recognizing the donor,
will be placed in a custom case in the new Theatre for all to see for years to come.
Anyone interested in The Park Theatre “Golden Dig” opportunity, or any other
recognition opportunities should call Steve Jackson at (603) 532-9300.

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