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All 288 panels in The Fifth Mountain Mural are sponsored. Thank you.

The Park Theatre Mural Project from The Park Theatre on Vimeo.

The Park Theatre is a contributing building to the Downtown Jaffrey Historic District as designated by the U.S. Dept. of Interior’s National Register of Historic Places. Mounted inside the Theatre were four 9 x 17 foot tempura murals depicting Mount Monadnock as viewed from the towns around the mountain during the four seasons of the year. New Hampshire muralist Carl Eric Nelson painted these murals in 1941. They hung in the historic auditorium until 2010 when they were carefully taken down, cleaned and stored to be reinstalled in the rebuilt historic auditorium when the Theatre is reopened.


As part of the re-opening, trustees commissioned a fifth mural to honor the original historic murals and to celebrate the future of the Theatre. Composed of 288 individual canvasses, this Fifth Mountain Mural is a mural-mosaic created by more than 100 professional and amateur artists who donated their time and talent to the project. Individual panels within the Fifth Mountain Mural are available to be sponsored as a way to support the reopening of The Park Theatre and to create a legacy for the community. The mural will be prominently displayed in the lobby of the reopened Theatre as part of its permanent collection. Learn how they are made.

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